Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Babushkas (sorry, I mean Matryoshkas) and crocheted slippers and Xmas gifts

I've finished my fabric Babushkas
(I know, I know, not Babushkas but Matryoshka,
like I've told you before);
I think they came out really well.

They all live on my shelf at the dining room...

and they seem very happy with it... :0)

They are made of scraps from my other projects that I pieced together on a random manner.
I've then cut each doll's shape twice (front & back) on the fabric that I had pieced from scraps
and I used a muslin fabric for the lining,
so for each doll there's 4 pieces of fabric.

After sewn them together and turned it inside out, filled them with filling,
the fun part starts:
cut out the scarf and the face from felt
and hand applique them with matching floss colors.

I really like them!
Like I've told you before I just have a thing about Babushkas, sorry, Matryoshkas!

I have been working on another project related to my Xmas gifts.

The crocheted slippers made out of granny squares.
I've found this project a while back
and have already talked about it a little bit in here.
It's a very simple project and so I already made 5 or 6 pairs.

I also made some Xmas baskets
(the same project as the Halloween baskets),
bought some moisturizing cream, some socks, and put everything together, like this:

I will ad a printed card with instructions
for a homemade foot cream recipe
and also some directions how to make and enjoy a homemade foot spa

(but these I still have to write and print them out).
Anyway, these are the baskets I've already done.

I'm pretty sure some of these will make their way to Portugal this year!...:0)