Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My little magic women...or... I would if I could!

As I've said before I like to make things
and some times
the reasons for making whatever I make
are not really very clear or concise
except for the fact I need to be busy and I like pretty things.

In another words,
it gives me a reason to go by my day-by-day,
gives me positive karma
and doesn't leave me much free time
to think about what should not be thought about.

You know... I remember watching that series Bewitched

when I was just a 8 or 10 year old

and remember thinking
how great it would be if I could make thinks happen
(or not)
just by twitching my nose.
Thinking about it now
makes me realize that maybe this is the reason
I always try to make things better
(as I would if I could really be magical).

all this talking about improving things
or change them for the better
is what I'd like to talk about today.

About the little magic I try to have in my life everyday.
About some of the stuff that I make which has no other purpose rather
than being pretty and a little bit magical.

My walls are covered with this little things I make
that make me feel pretty special and happy about it.

Like this fairies/angels/goddesses.

I made them from felt and some embellishments (like needle felting, beads, yarn, and so on).
They hang on our bedroom walls and I know they watch over us.

They are my little magic women...

Also these strings of beads and tiny fabric pillows,
with buttons and metallic trims.
It's almost like they're charged with a tremendous amount of positive energy.
They always make me feel good just by looking at them.

The same philosophy, the same principle,
the string of hearts,
embellished with buttons, some embroidery and beads,
they also hang on the wall and fill us with daily good positive energy.

In our house,
one can always find,
hiding everywhere and all over the place,
little critters and wee creatures

that just sneak on you

and make you feel like you are worth a million bucks!

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