Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deck the walls and watch the vultures!

Thanksgiving is gone.

I remember when I used to cook all day long,
tough for J and me mainly,
for the kids some times also
because he always loved this holiday...

As an European,
Thanksgiving is not part of my cultural heritage,
but, like everything else, I grew up fond of it because of my husband.
And we both did have a good holiday.
I kept messing with J all day long wishing him Happy Thanksgiving
and he kinda kept giving me the evil eye
because I was not leaving him alone.

I didn't cook this Thanksgiving day,
but I did finish
putting up
my Xmas decorations.

As years go by
my Christmas stash grows bigger too
mainly because of the things I make,
like this tree skirt:

I made it years ago out of white felt and Xmas cut outs felt applications,
all hand applique.

Also made some of the Xmas ornaments,
like this crochet balls,

and some old Xmas cards glued on an old CD like this one:

Some snow people,

made out of glass jars, Styrofoam balls and old socks.

Of course,
all my friends are part
of the Holiday's spirit
so they're all here celebrating with me:

The Teddies...

... and Purpurina...
... can you see her?,
hanging out with all the fancy porcelain dolls.....?
...the Bunnies ...
... and the Xmas quilt I made last year...
and the Xmas pillows I made out of tapestry place mats...

... and the Xmas quilted table runner I've made for my coffee table....

... and the purple granny squares Afghan covering my rocker cushions...

... and the medallion crochet afghan and pillows on my couch....

And when my Christmas tree was done,
I went outside,
to check out the decorations I had put up the day before...

... and just look what I saw!

Flying around in circles,
not one, not two,
dozens of vultures,

... and lots of them already roosting on the trees for the night,
like big dark ripe fruits hanging from the trees!

At night time
I went back outside...

... and took some pictures of the fruit of my work,
my pride and joy!

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