Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A cat's quilted mat and a beanie, and Xmas trees and... let it snow!

Between the many things
in my to do list for these last days
there was a small easy project for Baby, my cat.
If you remember the pics from her favourite spot,
at the front of the heater,
there was a small quilted rug for her to lay on.
Well, because she's almost outgrowing it, it was time for a new one.
And here it is,
quilted with extra bating for warmth,
flannel top and back,
 edges serged,
super super warm and fluffy.
Tough the fabric print  would be more adequate for a puppy
(I didn't had a cat print material),
honestly, I don't think she minds it.
Actually, she loves it!

Another quick project,
accomplished within a couple of hours while watching TV,
a fancy new crochet beanie,

perhaps ending up as someone's stocking stuffer!

I still have a few more projects in the forge
and I'll let you know about later on.

Switching gears,
one evening last week 
I went to town to see the Christmas Tree lights at the TVF
(Tennessee Valley Fair).
I've tried my best to get good pics,
but since we didn't stop it was kinda hard
to get a good shot from inside a car in motion

(eh eh, good excuse for a not so good photographer, right?).
Anyway, even if they are not clear,
we can still feel the spirit of the season!  
No kidding,
it was very pretty, specially the trees inside the lake
and the pirate ship, 
and I've certainly enjoyed the ride.

And finally,
the storm we have been hearing about since last week
finally made its way to East Tennessee.
So far, it's not that bad,
tough when I opened the door yesterday early morning
the snow just blew inside! 
Brr... it's very cold out there,
specially on the front part of the house
(because during winter time the sun never reaches the front).
 It was a fair amount of snow
but tough I had planned to gear up and go out and build a snowman,
I got caught with something else and never made it.
But the pic collage bellow will allow you to check it out on your own.
We might even have a white Christmas this year!
 I'll see you all later!

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