Saturday, December 11, 2010

The making of a fancy hexagon shoulder bag

Early morning today
I finished my new hexagon bag!

Sometime ago I've told you about
how I'm getting addicted to make this hexagons!
I think it has been kinda of therapeutic...
So, I'm going to tell you how this works for me:
I start with an image on my mind,
and just go from there.
I make a template by designing the bag shape into paper, and cut it out. 
Then decide which coordinating fabrics to go with.
 The next step is to cut small squares to form the hexagons.
Hand sew all the hexies (with the paper hexagon template inside), 
and then hand sew them all together to form the flower,
the size I want it to be.
Remove all the paper hexagons from inside,
press it with the hot iron,
then machine applique the flower
on the background material
(double lined to make it a little more stiff).
When the bag is finally starting to look like a bag,
the details just start popping in my brain:
how to go with closures,
inside pockets,

I'm very pleased with the final result,
and the all process was very relaxing and soothing.
I hope I was able to make you wish to try this patchwork technique.
I'll be seing you all soon!

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