Friday, December 3, 2010

Handmade Christmas Gifts

It has been more then a week since Thanksgiving,
but it has been a busy week,
between sewing, medical appointments,
baby sitting
and everyday chores...
... I was left with no time for blogging.
But today I was able
to take and edit pics
from what I've been working on.
First, a big accomplishment,
due since before Christmas last year:
I finally finished a quilt intended for a Christmas gift.
I'm happy with the final result,
and I hope the recipients will enjoy it as much as I did making it
and it's now all ready to go.
Another intended Christmas gift,
a hexagon quilted table center.
I like the colors and the final color/effect combination.
It's also ready to become a gift.
Some time ago
I had found a tutorial about making a basket/bowl/box
out of yarn and clothe line.

This was my first try out
and didn't came out bad.
I will experiment with other colors/type of yarn
and maybe add some embellishments. 
Maybe as stocking stuffers
I've finished a couple more fuzzy hair scrunchies,
 and some flower felt key rings.
Also finished another Tunisian crochet lined pouch,
and a couple of softies, tough I still got a couple more in the forge.
And finally some christmassy felt coasters,
this time all sewn in the sewing machine.
They ended up pretty too.

And that's some of the things I've been making
with my thoughts
on the upcoming holidays.
I'll see you all shortly. 


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