Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Day After Christmas

On Sunday morning
we woke up
to this beautiful Winter Wonderland here in East Tennessee.

The perfect Christmas landscape,
which is not very common to happen here during Christmas season.
The reverse of the coin is that it's really cold!
The snow has started to melt yesterday,
but the shade spots are really icy now,
and it makes it an hazard just to try to go out on the deck.

I hope you all had a very merry time,
and I also wish you a wonderful New Year for 2011.

As for me,  it was a bitter-sweet time,
with my mind drifting most of the time
into more happy times
and also into very very sad moments.
As some of you know,
J passed way last August  and my mind and heart
kept going to places where I wish I never had to be.
I did do my best, I even cooked a little bit,
and it was nice the girls coming over and sharing gifts.
And of course it was very nice
to talk to my sweet aunts back in Europe.
Since both my parents have also passed years ago,
it feels good to hear them say
"We miss and love you very much".
And of course, my son and my sister and brothers also called,
and it was a very nice Christmas gift from all of them.

This New Year for me is looking in fact like a new year.
I've been dealing, since August,  with all kinds of situations
as you all can understand.
But so far everything seems to be getting along,
and I'll be starting a job the very first of the year.
It will be very new to me
(different from my teaching career that's for sure)
and I'm excited and truly nervous about it.
It will be only for the weekends,
but the best part is that I'll do it from home.
As you can see bellow,
these will be my job tools:
a secure phone land line,
a pair of headsets,
note pads, pencils and pens,
 and of course the computer.
I'll be starting my training January 2nd
and my effective first day on the job will be January 15.
As you might have guessed
I'll be an over-the-phone-interpreter
for a prestigious language services company here in the USA.
These are auspicious news for the starting of the new year
and I'm glad to share it with you.

Stay safe and warm and try to enjoy the beauty of the white stuff,
tough so many people are now having a real bad time
dealing with all the negatives of this so now called a huge blizzard,
specially in the Northeast of the country. 
I'll see you all shortly!

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