Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The mysterious silhouettes... the sequel!

I'm expecting us to go home real soon,
maybe tomorrow, Wednesday, 
according to the last medical prognosis...

Tough J's bladder is still a little bit "out of whack",
the urologist told me yesterday he's ready to discharge him.
I'm OK with that!
And as for myself...
I'm feeling OK too, taking my meds
and trying to walk my daily 30 minutes everyday...
About my last post...
my sister
have been asking about
the sequel for the mysterious silhouettes...LOL...
I bet you all have already figured it out...
Yes, that's it!
I've been making Lolita dolls!
They live on the window sill for now,
just on the phone's neighborhood.
right next to where I sleep.

I' m missing my bed so terribly...
but it is better than the ICU lounge, away from J, that's for sure.
the Lolitas have been a huge hit here in the hospital,
everybody loves them.
Tough some are willing to buy, I'm not selling them yet...
still have to work on my tags and prices and packaging...
I did give one away tough, to a very special nurse...
to her my THANK YOU again!
Above that's the baby she chose.
And below are some pics from all the others that were born here.

Mystery solved!!!
I will be posting from home next time, I hope!
See you then!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're back in the hospital

We're back in the hospital.
J had a problem with his Peg-Tube
and from a minor situation we went into a major one
just because of stupidity...
But anyhow...
we're still here and will be for a bit longer,
not sure for how much longer yet.
Like everything else in life,
we encountered real angels here again,
but unfortunately
there are also some others not so kind or competent.
We have been in the hospital since June 6...
I've brought the laptop
and was able to log into in the hospital guest server,
but all kinds of weird things have been happening,
and till now I was not able to sign in to post anything!
I finally launched Internet Explorer 64-bit and that did the trick! 
Oh well... I'm just glad I was able to sign in now.
J is slowly getting better,
but I got so frustrated with everything that unnecessarily happened to him
I got myself in serious trouble. 
I had an heart attack, yes.
It all happened right here in the hospital in J's room
(I totally stressed out about everything going on with J),
but our guardian angels
were here with us.
Tough I was submitted to a catheterization and two stents insertion,
I was back in the room with J less than 48 hours later.
I still can't believe it actually happened.
I feel pretty good overall,
and to be quite honest
I'm trying not to think much about all things that happened...
the only thing I want is to get back home with J.
I've tried to keep busy and I've been making some stuff,
but I'll tell you all about it on the next post.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kittens and Nieces and Orange Zingers

These last couple of weeks have been quite busy and somewhat...
not so good.
Starting with the kittens,
there were 2 more litters besides the one I told and show you.
The bad news are... something got the 2 Siamese kitties and the mother... they're gone.
The other new litter of 2 I had found under my carport
(from a Siamese mother)
was also gone the same night.
The good news is that the 3rd litter's mother
took in the 3 surviving kitties as her own.
But every morning I've been fighting away
some dogs that come into my deck
and try to get the kittens and mom...
There is a big old bulldog that just sits and barks and looks at me
as he's wanting to get me...
I'm pretty sure that's what got the mother and kittens...
I feel terrible
and can't understand
these people who let their dogs out in the neighborhood without a care.
I might just have to do what I have to do
to protect myself and the kittens in my own property...
Also, my niece was here for a couple days and nights...
She loves to play with the kittens...
She called this one Rascal and begged her mom to let her keep it.
And she did.
Rascal has a new home now.
It was nice to spend time with her, she's a very cute little girl
and likes to do things with me...
And I enjoy the company... for sure.
My routines get a little messed up tough,
since my time is usually all planned out.
She did start a project (a floppy disk treasure box)
but she didn't finish.
Instead, we finished a pillow she asked me to sew
made of a pretty horse print
(she loooooves horses...),
but I forgot to take a picture.
Oh well...
As for me... I've been on a quilting mood...
and I did finish some projects I'll tell you about later on.
Today I'm going to tell you about selvages
and zingers and quilting museums...
for some time now that I've been reading
and following Karen Griska's blog @ http://selvageblog.blogspot.com/.
It's all about selvages.
Let me tell you... (oh horror!...) before reading her blog...
I was trowing away all my selvages!
And I never gave it second thoughts until... I found her blog!
I was totally amazed how people's creativity works!
The most beautiful quilts and bags and stools and aprons and dresses and pouches and whatever you can think of... people make it out of fabric selvages!
Go check her blog out and see if I'm not right!
I've tried and made a couple quilts with the strip technique
(if you remember I told you about it in here and here)
and I was quite intrigued about the red zinger I read about on Karen's blog.
I had been collecting selvages for a few months now...
I didn't had red fabric, but I did had orange... not much, but enough to try it...
and so I went for it!
And... here's my orange zinger!
Not perfect, but still...I'm proud of it!
For the outside borders I've used the strip quilt technique.
And because it's not very big,
I decided it would go just fine as a table topper on my living room...
What do you think...?