Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The mysterious silhouettes... the sequel!

I'm expecting us to go home real soon,
maybe tomorrow, Wednesday, 
according to the last medical prognosis...

Tough J's bladder is still a little bit "out of whack",
the urologist told me yesterday he's ready to discharge him.
I'm OK with that!
And as for myself...
I'm feeling OK too, taking my meds
and trying to walk my daily 30 minutes everyday...
About my last post...
my sister
have been asking about
the sequel for the mysterious silhouettes...LOL...
I bet you all have already figured it out...
Yes, that's it!
I've been making Lolita dolls!
They live on the window sill for now,
just on the phone's neighborhood.
right next to where I sleep.

I' m missing my bed so terribly...
but it is better than the ICU lounge, away from J, that's for sure.
the Lolitas have been a huge hit here in the hospital,
everybody loves them.
Tough some are willing to buy, I'm not selling them yet...
still have to work on my tags and prices and packaging...
I did give one away tough, to a very special nurse...
to her my THANK YOU again!
Above that's the baby she chose.
And below are some pics from all the others that were born here.

Mystery solved!!!
I will be posting from home next time, I hope!
See you then!

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