Sunday, July 4, 2010

A spiral quilted tote... and flowers in the garden!

Yes, we're back home!
We came back June 30th, but it has been busy...
So much to do after almost a month out!
I've got some pretty blooms in the gardens,
mostly gladiolus and lilies,
and a lot of work to be done!
J is stable and I feel good moving around,
no more chest pain.
I mowed the yard Thursday
and worked in the garden for a couple hours on Friday...
I was able to go grocery shopping
(you all probably won't believe it,
but I had not been at the store since February!).
It felt good
but like always it was just a go for it and hurry to come back,
no time to spare or joke around!
J's sister-in-law sat with him, allowing for me to go.

And today...ah!...
I was craving seewww much to sew!...
... LOL...
A while back I had been looking at spiral quilting
but never had the opportunity to try it
because we went to the hospital...
Well...I've tried today!
I love it!...
Really simple and easy,
and the results are quite impressive I would say.
Almost like strip quilting,
it also needs a foundation fabric, and that's it!
You just need to keep going around in a spiral,
starting with a basic shape at the center...

And this is how the tote came about:
the handles detail...
...and the other side.
Pretty cool, isn't it?...
And my cravings for sewing had a good outcome!