Monday, April 4, 2011

Felt Heart Pocket

 Does it ever happen to you seeing something,
and just decide right then
"I gotta make this"?
Sometimes it happens to me.
I love work with felt.
It's just such a wonderful material to work with...
When I came upon this idea I knew right away I had to make it.

I didn't follow their tutorial;
instead I made the patterns by drawing my own hearts
the size and shape I wanted them to be.

For the outer smaller heart embellishments,
I did visually followed the tutorial for inspiration
and as you can see,
my personal version is a little bit different.

I wanted the heart pocket to hang from a doorway.
and I needed something to fill up the pocket.

I always pick my garden roses
when they start to look not so good 
and then dry them on the microwave.
They're perfect to fill up containers or to make potpourri.

This heart pocket
was just what I needed to put some of the dried beauties in!

Enjoy this wonderful spring time,
and I'll see you all later!

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