Saturday, April 30, 2011

How the neighbour's dogs destroy my yard!

Today I would like to tell you about pets.
I have told you about and shown you Baby,
aka Pooh-Pooh Bear,
my cat.

I do love animals,
and I feed a bunch of cats (mostly the neighbour's) every day.
But there's something starting to bother me, a lot.
These dogs are everyday day on my yard,
barking, pooping, eating the cat's food,
stealing whatever they can find and drag away
(I had to chase them after my crocs,
that they had already carried away to their (the neighbour's) yard).
I don't blame the dogs,
but the owners.
Shame on them!

I know that are things I can do,
but I really don't want to do anything
that will ultimately harm the dogs.
I will never understand why people have pets they do not care about!
Until later, I'll see you all then!

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