Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Upside Down House, some Hillbilies Feud and a Ship in the City?!

I went to Pigeon Forge,

Do these names ring a bell....?
What about the Great Smoky Mountains...?
That's right, 
I live very close to all these beautiful places. 
But I didn't go to Dollywood, for that matter,
or to any other attractions neither...
I was there with my brother and sister-in-laws,
for a little shopping  
and a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel.
And since we were there,
why not just take some pics and blog about it?
the brother and sister-in-laws said,
if you want some nice pics we'll show you some interesting stuff!".
And so they did.
We started by stopping next an upside down house!,
all cracked up,
like some unbelievable tornado or alien war act
had just lifted it and then dropped it upside down!

And as you approach it,
you can even ear the crackling sounds
as if everything is just about to collapse on top of you!
Well, it really happens to be
one of the numerous attractions at Pigeon Forge,
called the Wonder Works.
We didn't go in,
but if you're interested
click the link above to learn more about it.

Across the street from this upside down house,
there's a rather charismatic cabin
(or should I say pair of cabins?),
almost cartoon looking, and still under construction.
Intrigued, I started taking some pictures.

The brother and sister in-laws said:
"That's the Hatfield and McCoy cabins".
"Uh..?, Who...?"
(I had never heard about the Hatfield and McCoy's story...)
"Never heard about the feud?", they ask.
"Nuh, uh-uh, never ever!".
And so I went online and checked the Wikipedia:
the Hatfield and the McCoys were two hillbilly families
from the latest nineteen century,
living near the West Virginia-Kentucky border...,
and it all begun with a murderer...
You can read here the rest of the story
and the legend they've become.
You're always learning new stuff, right?

And after enjoying these astonishing pieces of architecture,
I looked the opposite direction,
"WHAT?, How can this be possible?!"

 This huge humongous ship sitting right there...
"Oh, oh, OK"...
it's just the Titanic exhibit attraction!

Pretty cool, I think.
It even seats on a pool of water,

creating the illusion of cruising along the ocean!
And no, we didn't go inside neither,
but maybe some other time we will.
It was a pretty good day, and I did enjoyed it a lot.
I hope that sharing it with you might have given you
the desire to come visit the beautiful lands and country sights of
East Tennessee.
I'll see you all later!

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