Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'M ALIVE!!!! (...the world didn't ended after all...)

When I woke up this morning   
and realized I was awake...
and that if I was awake was because I was alive...
and that if I was alive was because...
... then I got it!
The world didn't ended after all!!... 
(ah ah ah ... now,
I'm trying to be serious here!...)
That made me smile.
Even feel happy.
Even a little bit happier because
(despite that scary prediction)
I was in a very very special place yesterday.
Can you imagine where...?
I bet you can't... All right, I'll tell you.
I was...
... in Portugal!!!
That's correct,
I was in Portugal yesterday.
Ah ah ah... now you're thinking "how in the world..."
And you're right.
I really wasn't there
but again..
... I was!
Let me explain:
my son went to a family reunion at my sister's
and then called me on Skype
and I was with them all a good amount of time!
That was... fantastic!
It just felt so great,
to share a few live moments with everyone
and be able to cheer with them!
I love and miss them all very very much!
... so...
today I thought about sharing with them
(and you all as well)
a little bit of my world here.
And as I was saying when I started this post today...
... because the world didn't ended after all,
I think this is a good way to celebrate!
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
Just click The Smilebox and I'll take you there!
I'll see you all later!

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