Monday, May 9, 2011

Penny Rugs and Candle Mats

A couple days ago
I told you about
penny rugs
and showed you the ones
  I had made.
I've also told you about I enthusiastic I was about these penny rugs.
So... I've made a couple more
this time specifically to be used as candle mats.
The first one is simply made out of small felt circles.
Each complete circle made out of 3 different sizes circles
stitched together using a blanket stitch
and attached together by slip stitches in a hexagon shape.
Each circle has a same color backing
which allows
a perfect and clean finishing.

I really like the effect and think it works perfectly as a candle mat.
The second one also is a candle mat
and I REALLY like it!
I've designed an octagon on a red felt piece and made only eight complete circles plus one for the center.
The red, green and brown gold make it perfect for Christmas time
or not!
Haha, I like it so much I can use it everyday!
The backing... to clean finish the work...
... and then just glued down some crystals...

I do love how it came out about, don't you?
I'll see you all later!

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