Monday, May 16, 2011

Live Christian Concert in the park

Yesterday evening
my sister-in-law asked me
if I would like to join them
in an event at Carter's Park.

The event was held by
and it was called Praise in the Park.

I had never been in a Christian concert before.
It was very nice,
but above all
I really enjoyed the fact
the Church would promote a community event, open to everyone,
in a chilly but very nice end of evening.
Duly advised by my sister-in-law,
I braved the nippy evening air wrapped on a blanket,
as a huge majority of the spectators did
(teenagers not included,
thus there was a promenade of shorts,
T-shirts and bare feet
just walking around).
Yeah, I do remember when I was able to do that to...
I'll see you all later.

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