Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tunisian on the round

Since I discovered Tunisian crochet,
aka afghan stitch,
I fell in love with it.
Tunisian finished product 
is a sturdy woven type of fabric,
very suitable for many of my projects.
But my latest discovery on Tunisian
is the Tunisian on the round.
It is surprisingly easy!
I've found this really good tutorial
to learn how to make Tunisian on the round.
I wanted to try it at once
and made these bracelets in about an hour.

The green one was suppose to be a collar for Baby, my cat.
But that was a bad idea,
just like all the other store bought collars she has!
The scratches on my arms are proof to that!
You wear them!, 
that's what she seems to tell me.
So... I decided to offer it to my brown bear
who holds my TV remote
and wears it proudly,
without a single complaint!
So there you have it, miss Baby, spoiled brat!

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