Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Festival

For the first time this year I heard about the
Spring Festival
of Strawberry Plains.
So I researched a little bit
and learned it's organized by the
Somewhat naive, it was nice tough to see the effort put on to it.
In my mind I thought I would encounter something more like a farmer's market, but I was wrong.
Some craft vendors, some food boots, and a tepee along with a couple of Native American craft boots

belonging to the local Native American descendants.
The parade included the Indians

the Scottish,

which I presume would be
the most representative ethnic group here in East Tennessee...?,
or at least meaning most of the East Tennesseans are
Scottish descendants...?
but the Indians and the Scottish
were indeed the only ethnic groups represented.
Also a few old rods,

some old time John Deere tractors,
and a few horseback riders.
It was a lovely blue skies day
and it kinda felt goog being outside around people.

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