Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bags, Totes, Pocketbooks, Purses, Backpacks...

Like so many others

I love bags!





As a matter of fact one could easily state

I am a little bit obsessed with it!...

Everything started

a few years ago...

Mercy of terrible life circumstances,

I found myself staying at the hospital with my husband
for long periods at a time...

For those of you who have ever been there

you'll know what I'm talking about...
when life as we know it changes
in a matter of seconds for ever.

getting my thoughts back together,

a few years ago, as I was saying,

I started knitting pocketbooks

while at my hospital stays.

I really felt like I needed to be doing something

just to be able to hold myself together,
and knitting seemed to be the most practical thing

I could do while waiting at the hospital.

And that's how really it all started.

My knitting got better and better,

everybody seem to love my bags

people started buying them.

These type are knitted, front and back separately,

and lined with matching fabric prints.

After they are all done the fun really begins

with all the embellishments,

and really it's only a matter of letting your imagination fly:

I mainly use buttons, charms, beads, whatever I can find and think it'll look god.

The furry yarn and the bag's shape (I think)

is what attracts people the most for this style of bags.

With the Tunisian crochet

we can also make some quite pretty...

Everything depends on your mood and your imagination.

This one tote was made with regular crochet and a ripple/wave stitch...

Just added a ladybug charm... et voila!

About a couple years ago I found out about needle felting...

Useless to say

I totally felt in love with the technique...


after poking myself quite a few times

and watch some very interesting

YouTube tutorials

(once again, thank you all of you who post

these wonderful things

and share it with everybody else!),

I was able to make some impressive embellishments

on my my bags...

Needle felting also works really good
on the little pouches I make and use to keep

I think I might come back to this bag subject later on
to talk about it a little bit more!
Bye for now!


  1. Uau! Que imaginação! Que quantidade!
    Estou quase a desafiar-te para mandares materiais para eu tos vender numa venda de Natal lá na escola! :) Pensando nos custos (material, envio...) e na quantidade, os preços seriam acessíveis? os euros servem nos States)? Divagações, eu sei, mas quem sabe não poderás iniciar uma pequena empresa virada para a exportação??? :)!!! Bj.

  2. Beautiful bags :) I love mine that you were so kind enough to send up to us. Thank you again for them! I think I even saw one of the ones you sent to me in your photos. :)

  3. Não penso que para já fosse viavel, o custo seria bastante grande e não penso que as pessoas numa venda de Natal na escola comprassem, mas é uma ideia para germinar... no entretanto estou a arquitectar um web site...vamos ver! Beijocas!

  4. :0)...
    I'm glad you liked!
    Well... you know what?, Xmas is
    Love you all!

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