Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's (almost) time to start planning...

Lately I don't know where does time go!

It's already September!...

I know we still have to go


Halloween and Thanksgiving,


Christmas will be here in no time,

so I better start planning

what am I going to make

for gifts this year.

Last year I made this lap quilt for my husband

with all the christmassy ladiesI really thought he would enjoy it!

It came out really OK,

don't you think?

For the girls,

I made some journals out of composition books

and I do believe they enjoyed it.

Anyway ...

... yesterday I finished another quilted tote.

I used the same idea and technique from my Babouskha wall hanging

(as on one of my posts in August)

thinking it would be great for a tote bag!

I had seen a cute doll pattern at http://freebiesforcrafters.blogspot.com/

so I used that same doll pattern for both boy and girl.

As in the Babouskha,

the background is made out of scraps

pieced together and then quilted.

It's lined with a

tiny pretty purple (of course!) flowers print.

Now that is finished

I don't think it will make a Christmas gift!

I'm definitely crazy about it

so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep it for myself!

I've also finished another

raggedy quilted tote
a couple days ago.

(I've already talked about them earlier last moth)

This one is the biggest I've made till now,

big enough to carry everything

I would need for one or two days.

Also some time ago

I made this Sleeping socks,

out of basic granny squares!

Each sock takes 1 big square and 3 smaller ones.

I might make some of these

for some of my Christmas gifts for this year.

I hope I succeeded on my intent

if you came here to look for some ideas or inspiration for making Christmas gifts.

And also in my blog's spirit of sharing,

I leave you all for now with

a pic of my latest super cute little friends...

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