Friday, August 28, 2009

Tunisian crochet... and cold turkey!

Let me tell you today about me being a quitter... :0)...

Back in early April this year

I've decided to quit cold turkey

(everything else I've tried before had failed).

It ain't easy!!!!!

Thirty five years of addition are not easily turned off...!!!

But again, life is about choices.

And that was the moment I felt I had to choose:

do it, or else...

or else ... meaning I have not only myself

but my husband to consider

(he totally depends on my survival for his own survival, no kidding).

And that is when I went into the survival mode I told you about a few days ago!

It wasn't easy and it still isn't easy... but ...

it feels soooooooooooo... good!!

I can do now lots of things I wasn't able to do before

(and I had not realize I couldn't!... amazing, isn't it?!).

Anyway... how does the Tunisian crochet fit in all this quitting talking.....?


....... that was one my strategies to succeed:

the determination

to learn and/or to make a new pretty thing every day!

And so...

I love to crochet!

For sure!
Have made lots & lots of blankets!...:0)

Early mornings

(I would wake up really early, the cigarette cravings killing me)

I would sit at the computer,

watch YouTube tutorials

(I gotta say this: I love all those wonderful ladies

for sharing their knowledge and helping me out!)

and learn everything I could about Tunisian Crochet!

I'm not going to describe the technique here,
if someone wants to learn how to

it's really easy to find about it on the net,

but I will tell you it is a crochet technique

made will a special hook

(it's just like a crochet hook but much longer)

and the way you work it looks like knitting

it's in fact crochet!... :0)

Now... once again... if I want to master it

(and believe it, I already do...:0)...)

I have to practice a LOT... and so I did...

The pics do tell the rest of the story!


  1. smoking stands in btwn me and crochet i carry a cig in one and a needle in another and end up not enjoying any. cold turkey never worked for me..i just seem to smoke more. keep it up. btw, i couldnt find any tunisian patterns online, free or not..just nothing but blankets which is frustrating, i like the one needle technique but dont like the holes crochet creates for things that need to be stuffed

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