Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wall hangings

Waking up and trying to decide what to do today.

See... my day-to day has been very much the same for the last five and so years. I've developed a daily routine and have to stick to it.

Every day I try to do something that pleases me, something pretty or useful, or whatever, but to do something.

That's part of my self prescribed treatment once I went into survival mode.

So...I´ve finished my Babuskha wall hanging and I just love it!(thank you for your free patterns).

For the background I used small scraps and for the doll applique pattern used felt and did some embroidery for the face and chothes.

Since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with Russian dolls (which I recently learned are incorrectly called Babushkas, meaning grandmother or old lady or a certain type of headscarf that ties under the chin; the correct term for this type of dolls is Matryoshka dolls, meaning mother, and it's connected to fertility - therefor the Russian nesting dolls we all know).

Many years ago, when I wouldn't miss a single Festa do Avante (que saudades desses tempos onde os amigos habitavam e a alegria podia ser tão ingénua!), I bought one of these nesting Babushka Russian dolls which are the delight and fascination of grand kids when they come by.

For all of you Babushka lovers, (just type in the search box the word babushka) has lots & lots of Babushka items.

And... besides my daily routine I've done nothing more than blogging... although so newbie to blogging I have to admit this is really addictive!

Oh well... I guess this will have to do for my pretty thing for today!

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