Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Little Chinese Girl and Cats

As I was walking around my gardens yesterday I took some pictures I would like to share with you.

Pretty awesome isn't it?
I reckon that's why it's called a butterfly bush... they just love it!
I don't have the time to work around my flower beds
as I did once, but still...
whenever I can I am there.

It's something I really enjoy to do
and my husband was very proud of my flower gardens...

My canas are still blooming and I just love that rich orange color!

The sunflowers are doing OK,

not as good as I would like but to be honest I just kinda threw the seeds on the ground next to the creek. So... I'm happy!

This is a partial view of my back garden, the big one, with the paths.
It does need some working and mulching...

About 6 years ago

we planted a snow ball little tree...

Just look at the beautiful berries it puts on now!


These last few days didn't sew that much...

other matters to take care of...


I did finished another tote, similar on its concept to the one with the dolls (boy and girl).

For this one I made 2 panels (front & back) with 4x4's and pink strips.

The front has an applique doll (felt).

I used the same pattern as for the other bag.

For the kimono I used an Asian print.

For the back, an iron on cats embellishment.

I called it
Little Chinese Girl and Cats.
I really, really like it! A lot!

I quilted each panel separately and afterwards I've sewn the bag together.

Lined it with a pretty kitten flannel print...

And that's it!

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