Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quilting quilts

Lately I've been talking about
quilted wall hangings
and quilted totes

and today I'm coming back to quilting,

to share some other projects with you.

At the very beginning of my quilting learning

I made some pillows.

Today I would have been much bolder
about the color selection
but I deliberately wanted to stay within the blues.
Those were my first pin wheels.
I also tried to play with simple 4x4's and log cabin blocks variations.

The next pillow generation already shows more color

and these are 3 examples
of the same technique called "quilt-as-you-go"
(in machine quilt terminology that is;
like I told you before I'm a machine quilter).

With this technique

you have to layer the batting over the backing

and the quilt pieces are sewn

through all the layers.

This seat cover for my lazy boy chair

uses the same technique.

And the same also applies to this table runner

I made for my table on the dining room.

I personally like this technique because you're able to see the final product as you keep sewing.

Lately I've been trying bigger projects like bed quilts.

So far I've only made bed quilts for a full size and let me tell you...

I have just a regular sewing machine... and it's sooooo.... difficult

to get the whole thing trough the machine

when you're quilting the all piece...

I decided to make my first bed quilt

(which I'm very proud of)

when I bought the Easy Circle Cut Tool to cut circles.

The instructions came with a free quilt pattern called Circle Dance Quilt.

That's the quilt I made. Like I said

I was really proud of my first one.

So proud... I decided to make a second one.

Bad choice for colors,

bad decision to have all the big circles the same color...

Enfin... what can I say?

I kept this one for my bed,

and the first one is my husband's.

Late last year I felt courageous enough to try another one,

this time I went for the Rail Fence quilt blocks

and I loved it.

The deep purple and the dots

and the tiny flowers worked out good I think.

And so I decided to go again, same blocks pattern, same print compositions, same color but lighter.

The quilt top is done since last December, but I still have to quilt it...

If I'll finish it it's going to be a Christmas gift for sure... :0)

And for last but not least

(because I'm really in love with this technique)

the raggedy quilts...

so far I've done three full size and a smaller one,

like a lap quilt for the wheelchair.

I used mainly 6x6 cotton squares,

with a few flannel ones here and there, for the one I kept for my bed.

The one for my husband's,

only has 6x6 flannel squares,

and the one I made for my grandson

also only has 6x6 flannel squares

(his birthday was just last month!).

The raggedy quilt technique it's really easy, you just sew an X in two squares placed together and sandwiched with a bating square the same size; then you sew the squares together to form the rows an then the rows to form the quilt. After everything is sewn together you cut the seams (which stay on the right side) to fray the edges. And after all the cutting (that's what takes longer, for sure) you trow it into the washer and then the dryer... et voila! That's it!

And I reckon this will be it about quilting, for a while at least.


  1. Bem!!! Vou correndo a página e ficando de queixo caído!!! Espectáculo!!!!...
    Ah!A nova imagem do blog resulta muito bem!

  2. :o)
    Também gosto sim, gosto de mudar e vez em quando.
    Especialmente gosto da da neve, é de há 4 ou 5 anos atrás mas penso que está muito bonita.
    Ah!... a foto do gato especialmente para ti!