Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art Ensemble (Crayons Roll-Out sequel)

A few weeks back I've told you
about the crayons roll-out case I had made as a gift for someone's birthday coming very soon.
I've also told you then 
it would become part of an art ensemble.
Well... the art ensemble it's done and finished!
Here's the second roll-out case,

 quite similar to the first one,
only this time shorter and longer.
Coloring markers, different shapes and sizes,
and a few other what-nots
(markers, note pad, pencils, pens, fuzzy-wuzzy stuff...) 
do a good job filling it up.

And for last but not least,
a padded notebook holder,
for all those art ideas
that just come out at the spur of the moment,
either one is on the back of the van, ridding for dance practice,
or at grandma's and bored to death!

One just have to open it up
and quickly let that art muse inspire the movements
of one's little hand and one's little brain!
You can find the tutorial I've used for this fine notebook holder here.
Cool, don't you think...?
And finally
here's the self portrait of the little girl
who's the BD gift recipient!

An Art Ensemble for a little darling!

I'll see you all soon!

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