Sunday, March 27, 2011

Roll-out Crayons Case

Roll it in... roll it out...
... colors, colors, colors!

I thought it would be a good birthday gift
for a lovely young lady who happens to love to draw!
But shh!... don't tell her, it's a secret!

Actually the roll-out case will be part of an art ensemble,

but I'll tell you about that on another post.
I love the colors and the way it came out about.
It holds around 70 crayons
and I'm pretty sure the BD gift recipient is going to love it too.
It is pretty easy to put together,
and I did think about making a quick tutorial,
but since there are already so many around, I didn't.
I really didn't follow any particular tut,
but did read a few,
and then took my own measurements and made my own decisions.
Earlier this month I had made another roll-out case,
for my sister-in-law's birthday,

but for knitting needles and crochet hooks.
But the first one I made was for myself,
to experiment and test how it would come out.
For mine,
I went with a kitten applique, of course!

I'll see you all later! 

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