Saturday, March 19, 2011

T-Shirt Yarn Oval Rug

There is no excuse for the lack of posting!
Mea culpa, mea culpa!...
... What else can I say...?
Have been a little bit on the down side,
a little cabin fever,
a little depressed,
a little bit overwhelmed
about everything going on right now... but I'm still here.
 And today is the last day of Winter and Spring starts tomorrow!
Last week went shopping to Sevierville
with my sister-in-law 
and found these colorful man made palm trees at a shopping plaza. 
In Canada
my son tells me the snow is starting to melt... Good!
Can't wait for middle April to go and visit with them up there!

Also I've been working at our local church Day Care as a substitute teacher, whenever they call me to sub in.
It has been really nice
and has helped to pull myself out of nowhere.

Crafting wise...
I've been making some stuff,
but lately have been knitting quite a bit,
thanks to my sister-in-law who has kinda pushed me into it again.
But I'll tell and show about it later on.
Today it's about T-shirt yarn.
Quite a while ago I told you about it in here,
but had not made anything with it till now.
This past week I decided to go back to it: made some more yarn 

(with Baby on my way all the time) 

but alas!, I was able to get a few yarn balls
from a few old-used-not-wearable-any-more T-Shirts.
I've already crocheted an oval rug

and I'm going for a shoulder bag now.
I promise I'll show you how it came out.
Till then, enjoy the new coming Spring time!

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  1. By chance, would you be selling the oval rug?