Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finger puppets, hexagon patchwork, string quilting...and more!

For these last couple weeks
I've been feeling a little bit on the down side.
But here in East Tennessee it's now starting to feel
quite a bit like Spring time,
the sun has been out and it's warmer,
and I thought
today would be the day to resume blogging.
I've made some personal decisions and have been working towards that,
which has been implying lots of research, phone calls, and so on.
I'm not disclosing anything for now,
don't want to jinx anything,
but will do for sure in due time.
Crafts related, I've been busy.
The mystery hexagon patch work is now complete,

and it became...
...ta da da!...
... another table runner!
So, what do you think?
I like it, somehow it reminds me of the ocean, the big blue... right?

Another project that is on the making,
lots of scraps...
... yes, you've guessed!
A string quilt,

this time with a kinda criss-cross pattern/effect,
but now I'm kinda stuck on deciding how to make the borders.
It looks like this for now.
I will post the follow-ups.

Also a couple of hats
for my BearyNiceMade ArtFire shop,

some more headbands on the forge,
a few more Oh La La Lolita Dolls to finish up,
and something new,
some finger puppets.
Single finger puppets,
made out of felt and a few other materials.

They look like some weirdo crazy critters, don't they?
And also two groups of more crazy like critters made out of gloves.

After testing it with a age appropriate little person
(a 3 years old),
the final decision was
"I like it!".
So... I'm happy with them!
I will see you all soon!

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