Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabric organizers and drop stitch pinkie scarf

In my baggage going to Canada
were the birthday gifts I've made
for my daughter-in-law.
The scarf bellow
was knitted using three different types of yarn,
aiming a different soft texture,
because she commented she loved these type of scarfs
There you can see the other scarfs
I've made using the same drop stitch and different textures.
And because lately she has been investing
on the knitting and crochet worlds,
I made her a organizer little tote
 to carry along her work and skein
(of course by now I already know
she buys those huge skeins of yarn
which won't fit on the little carrier...),
but I'm sure later on she'll start using smaller skeins...
I really like this organizer that I've found here,
it's a really nice easy to follow tutorial.
This one
 was the first one I made
and I really like it a lot.
I'll probably make a couple more
to give away as birthday or Christmas gifts.
To go with the organizer for my daughter-in-law
I also made a coordinating roll-out organizer
for her knitting needles
and crochet hooks,
 just like the ones I've made before,
for myself and my sister-in-law.
And this will be it for today, and I hope you all have a good one! 

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