Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're back in the hospital

We're back in the hospital.
J had a problem with his Peg-Tube
and from a minor situation we went into a major one
just because of stupidity...
But anyhow...
we're still here and will be for a bit longer,
not sure for how much longer yet.
Like everything else in life,
we encountered real angels here again,
but unfortunately
there are also some others not so kind or competent.
We have been in the hospital since June 6...
I've brought the laptop
and was able to log into in the hospital guest server,
but all kinds of weird things have been happening,
and till now I was not able to sign in to post anything!
I finally launched Internet Explorer 64-bit and that did the trick! 
Oh well... I'm just glad I was able to sign in now.
J is slowly getting better,
but I got so frustrated with everything that unnecessarily happened to him
I got myself in serious trouble. 
I had an heart attack, yes.
It all happened right here in the hospital in J's room
(I totally stressed out about everything going on with J),
but our guardian angels
were here with us.
Tough I was submitted to a catheterization and two stents insertion,
I was back in the room with J less than 48 hours later.
I still can't believe it actually happened.
I feel pretty good overall,
and to be quite honest
I'm trying not to think much about all things that happened...
the only thing I want is to get back home with J.
I've tried to keep busy and I've been making some stuff,
but I'll tell you all about it on the next post.


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