Monday, December 6, 2010

Sock monkey and patchwork table center

After the first "almost real" snow yesterday
(it was just a little bit and didn't stuck),
today is as much cold as it was yesterday.
I think we must be around 20 something Fahrenheit.
My son, of course, will laugh
and say that's warm!
(compared to his minus something back up there in Canada).

 But it's nice and toasty inside
and Baby spends most of her time laying in front of the heater.

I was sewing all day long yesterday and pretty much doing the same today. And yes, still working on some Christmas gifts.
Another hexagon table center is finished.
The overall color look and scheme was deliberate
and aiming a specific kind of decor.
Shh!!! It's a surprise!,
for Xmas, remember?

I'm also surprised with myself,
for enjoying so much this type of patchwork.
I really do like to make these hexagons!
I'm almost addicted to it.
Another finished project, a requested sock monkey girl,
all dressed up and ready to party.
I usually use white socks because they are longer
(it makes longer legs)
but don't dislike this dark blue color
(I know, it's not the original sock monkey color...
... but those are so expensive...
... it makes me think that if I buy them to make sock monkeys
I am adulterating the whole purpose and concept of sock monkeys!...).

And that's it for now.
Still working on some other stuff, which I'll show you all later.
Bundle up, and enjoy this wintery days!

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