Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rag coasters, Felt coasters & Xmas Gifts

I've been working on my Xmas gifts
(only 36 days left...),
finishing some stuff and starting some new projects.

Outside fall is everywhere.
I love the way my gardens look
with the berries and the autumn colors...

Tough the leaves are almost gone on some of the trees and bushes,
my maple tree still looks astonishing.

Inside, and besides caring for J like always,
have been doing some more stuff for gits this Xmas.
Using the same technique as in here,
I made some rag coasters
and tried to play with the colors a little bit

and that's how they came out.

I've also finished the cards

for the gift baskets sets with the crochet slippers
(peek this older post).
Now they are ready to go!

Made some little fabric pouches,
not sure yet what for,
but I suspect it will be for something to add to my grandson gifts;
he used to love treasure boxes filled with all kinds of little precious things.
I think he still does so I'm fixing him one for Xmas... :0)

I've found some leftovers from last
The pet rocks!, do you remember those?...

I know, I know... old stuff, but I reckon the kids still enjoy it!
I had made some for last Xmas and I think they're cute.
I've also printed a little wee card, got the sayings from somewhere on the net...sorry.... don't remember where...:0(

which goes in the pouch with the rock
(which as you can see I had previously golden paint sprayed and glued some hair, eyes and mouth).

Another project I've been working on and already finished quite a few is the felt coasters.
For this one I've cut some felt circles,

a little bit larger than some old CD´s,

used some embroidery floss,

cut some felt applications
and needle felted it on the felt circle.

Did some stitching around the motif

(didn't forget to put the old CD inside)

With a blanket stitch, stitched it all around
grabbing the two felt circles together to enclose the CD inside,

et voilà!


and flowers!

What do you think?, I think I really like them! :0)

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