Monday, December 7, 2009

What's been going on...

Surprise surprise!....
it's finally on its way!

Exactly a week ago (November 30)...
it left...
all the way to Portugal...
It should arrive between 6 to 10 days
(at least that's the time table the USPS website told me).
Hopefully it will arrive well and in time!
Also, two days ago, we had the first snow of the year!
Check it out!

I don't think we had more than 2 inches,
but still it was pretty cool!
I just thought I would share with you so you could enjoy it too,
specially you guys back there in Portugal!... :0)
For the cats however
it wasn't fun at all!

Can you tell?... lol...

between the snow, taking care of J, preparing the package to go,
cleaning and cooking, I've been busy
remodeling a little bit our bedroom.
I bought an electric fireplace,

which reminds me a lot of the salamandra
(Portuguese word for these kind of real iron wood burning fireplace)
I had on my classroom
when I was teaching in a country rural area close to Viseu (small city in the middle of Portugal)...
Lots and lots of cold...
it wasn't a good experience I assure you!
I've also bought some drawer towers to better organize
and easily access J's medical supplies.

The curtains I had made for the bedroom initially
were OK,
but not really keeping the draft out...
So, I had some insulated old curtains
(which I really don't like the pattern at all)
but, till I get the money to buy fabric to make new ones,
I used those old ones
after I changed them to fit these windows and hardware.
This is the final product.
The Poohs on the wall...ah!!!!!.... that's my secret magnetic wall...
They're actual magnets that I printed out from the net and laminate.

I have been busy also with my sewing ands crafts,
mainly speeding up things for Christmas,
but I'll tell you about it on another post.
With this one,
I just wanted you to know what's been going on...


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