Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally we're back at home!!...

Since December 9th 2009 J has been in the hospital...

...from the ER to ICU... and then to IMC... and ICU again...
and IMC one more time...
and finally we came back home yesterday!
As always, I've been with J all the time.
I do not dare to leave him by himself,
as he can't ask for help or tell what's going on.
And believe me,
each and every time he has to be hospitalized,
I've found more than enough reasons to do so.
Don't get me wrong... we met lots of wonderful people,
nurses and doctors and all different sort of health workers, really concerned, committed and humane,
but we also met others not so wonderful.

It was very lonely, like always,
but specially this holiday time.
J's birthday came and went, as did Christmas and New Year.
My daily phone conversations with my son and my sister helped a lot
and made me feel not as lonely,
tough my son is in Canada and my sister in Portugal.

Outside the window all the excitement
was about the construction of the new hospital addition.

As part of the view from the ICU room,
the Thompson Cancer Survival Center,
right in front of the Hospital.

To help pass the time, as always,
I had my yarn and my hook and crocheted (Tunisian crochet)
a bunch of small pouches.
Filled them up with candy and put them on the table on Xmas day
so anyone that would come in would pick one.
I think the nurses and the staff really enjoyed it!

For Christmas I got some whatnot's at the gift shop
and displayed them on the window sill.

Not really like my Christmas decorations at home,
but at least I could look up and have a little Christmas feel.

My day chair/night bed
on J's room where I spent my days and nights.
After the pouches,
I made a doll, also in Tunisian crochet,
the same type as so many others I've made before,
but with some little differences this time, which I think came out pretty well (bigger head, bigger eyes, a skirt and striped socks).

This one I've called Lollita.
Cute, ain't she...?

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