Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lolitas, Tunisian Crochet Bracelets and Humbags

This past week was quite busy.

After our home coming from the hospital stay,
there were a thousand and one little things
needing to get done around the house, phone calls to make, bills to pay and lots of other small things to do.
And of course taking care of J takes most of the time,
specially now with that horrible open wound after the surgery...

Didn't really had much time to craft,
tough at night time, while watching a little TV,
I've finished 3 more dolls

just like the one I called Lolita, shown also in here
(shall I just call Lolita to this type of doll?,
I really do enjoy the sound of Lolita... ).
OK... That will do it!,
from now on all this type of dolls shall be called Lolitas!

So... as I were saying... I've made 3 more Lolitas
and a hat for the original Lolita.
I really like them!

A bunch of Lolitas, like the sisterhood of the Lolita dolls!

Yesterday, my niece decided she wanted to spend the night with us.
She had some problems
with her algebra and equations and asked me for help.
It has been so long since my high school,
that I had to kinda refresh my knowledge for a while
till I finally was able to explain it to her.
But we both did good!
She understood and was able to complete all the exercises correctly.

And because she is a very sweet niece,
I gave her a Tunisian crocheted bracelet

and a hum bag for her whatnot's, that I had made a while back.

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