Sunday, October 11, 2009

It feels like Fall! It looks like Fall! It is Fall!

Fall is finally here!

The smell in the air, the changing colors,
the crispy feeling of the evenings...
everything brings back sweet memories
from another time an other places... 
I remember the beach in the Autumn evenings back in Portugal...
Here there is no beach.

Just my backyard, me, and J, and the things I make.
And the cats, of course.

Oh no, I'm not complaining.
I love it here,
as long as J is with me everything still kinda makes sense.
And if I do miss a lot of things
I also just love some other things we don't have there
like Halloween.
That's right!, Halloween is just around the corner...

I still don't know what my grandson wants to be.
Last year he was a knight...:0)

But anyway... I just finished sewing
a few halloween baskets.
They are really easy, quick to make and I think quite cute!

Today I also baked some banana bread
(used a very common and usual recipe)

and I added some dried sweet cranberries.
The house smells so good!

And also made some bread from scratch
(which I have been doing for the last couple of years!).
Today I've decided to bake some rolls (adapted from a french bread recipe) in an atempt to copy the portuguese carcaças which I miss so much

They were really tasty!!!!

My sister just spoiled me with some goodies she sent from Portugal... :0)
(obrigada de novo sister!),
So, for supper tonight, I'll have a carcaça with farinheira... :0)


  1. I love your Halloween baskets, they are adorable! I love the bread too, I'll have to get the recipe from you so I can make some :)

  2. :0)
    Thank you!, they are really easy to make and they're cute. Hopefully I'll still have time to send one for "you know who"!
    I'm going email you the bread recipe.