Monday, October 26, 2009

Tunisian crochet tote, quilted fabric pouch, T-shirt bag and... sarubobo!

I've got several different matters to share with you today.

The first being that J has not been well
and I've been fighting myself not to take him to the ER.

I'm scared to death of what this H1N1 might do to him.

I guess I'll have to wait and decide what to do

(he's still feverish tough not as much as 3 or 4 days ago).

With all this going on I don't have much time left,

but I've been working a little bit,

just trying to keep my mind away of things for a little while.

So... I finally finished the Tunisian crochet bag I had started late September while with J at the hospital.

After crocheting the front and back panels I decided I would like some kind of applique, so I went for a crocheted flower.

The little critter crawling up the flower stem... ahhhhhh!.........
THAT is a sarubobo
and I've found it here.
I've to tell you...
I just love this girl's generosity and her kindness
and how well she manages her tutorials....
Thank you very much for sharing, Mai!

Inspired by her I decided to make also a little fabric pouch
(of course, just an excuse for another

I've used some left overs from a quilt; pieced them together,
cut a piece of batting and a piece of lining about the same size as the pouch
and quilted them together.

To fasten it off

I've used a big button
and for the fastener
as well as for the sarubobo I used the same printed lining fabric
(I love this word...sarubobo ... lol...
from reading Mai's blog my understanding is that it means baby monkey...).

While surfing the net just looking for trapilho
(my sister has sent me two craft magazines from Portugal for my BD.. :0) ... and they are about trapilho works).
Of course I tried different research approaches to find out how to make or to buy trapilho here in the USA,
and I did find out a very easy way to make T-shirt yarn (you just cut it out from a T-shirt... lol... but I found a good tutorial on you-Tube).
And this was the closest for trapilho that I've found.
Of course I already bought tape yarn from
(the package should arrive tomorrow).
I'm willing to pursuit this trapilho thing for sure...

all this kind of talk to tell you about my new T-shirt bag!

LOL... there we go...while surfing looking for trapilho, I found out about making a T-shirt bag just using duct-tape and staples...

This is how it looks like after is finished.
The front and back have some iron-on appliques;
a dancing cow and a guitar playing pig... :0)

As you can see from this pic the insides are... duct-tape!

It's really easy and quick to make one:
grab a T-shirt you don't wear any longer, cut the sleeves out,
turn it inside out, and start taping it... You'll have to tape the whole thing and try not to get any wrinkles on the front, which I got... :0(
When it's all taped out, fold it (so the handles present themselves the right way) and staple the bottom.

Next step, fold each corner into a triangle, and staple it.

That's it! Turn it inside out again et voilà!

You got yourself a nice looking T-Shirt bag!
Oh!... almost forgot... I did my iron-on applique before taping it!

And I reckon that's about it for the latest craft stuff...

For last but not least....

I got a Kreativ Blogger award!


Rochelle from Acquiredflavor gave me the award!
Thank you so much Rochelle!
I understand that I should choose 7 other blogs
and pass this award to them
and link to them here too...
which for sure I'll try to do soon,
I just need a little time to do that!
But in the meanwhile...
check out Rochelle's blog.
She does an outstanding job,
not only in her kitchen but in her live.

Believe me, I would know:
her little one is my grandson and her husband is my son...:0)

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