Saturday, September 4, 2010

How my days have been...

While I was working this morning
everything I wanted to tell you just came out easy into my mind,
but now it kinda feels is not as easy as at first thought.
Where to begin...?

It has only been two weeks
since J was laid to rest.
And yet.. it seems it has been a long time ago.
And some other times
I still feel like I'm in a bad dream...
... and I will wake up...
... and every morning takes me a few moments to realize what's happening.
Memories, family and friends support,
and sometimes
my favourite musics have been helping me a lot.
Leonard Cohen was always one of my best favourites.
Two weeks ago this particular song gave me the strength I needed
to survive the day.
It got me really really close to J, like it always did.
My gratitude
to the wonderful Leonard Cohen!

I've been quite busy of course,
and thank goodness for that!
Last week I reorganized my home,
and put the master bedroom back together as it was back in 2004.
That gave me some peace, and brought back all the good memories
of our live together as it use to be before.
And because for the last six years I spent all my time in this room with J,
I've transformed it into my working room.
This is where I spent my days again,
and it makes feel secure and very close to J.

This next pic
is what I've been working on today,
some quilted Xmas ornaments.

This past week I've finished my grandson's quilt.
It's a belated Birthday gift,
but I was happy with it and I think he will enjoy it,
while wrapped around it to watch TV.

I've also finished
some small projects that had been laying around for ever.
I've also made a felt yellow Mr. Bunny for my sister-in-law.
She has that cute little bench
(a wonderful find at a garage sale)
she wanted to transform not into a time out bench
but into a sit and relax with me bench.
I'll ask her to take a picture
when she'll finish it and will show it to you.
And that's it.
I'll be talking to you all soon.

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