Friday, September 17, 2010

Thieves of tutorials

Yesterday while browsing the web
I've found something really disturbing
which made me realize
that the cyberspace sometimes can be as ugly as any other thing in life.

Do you remember my floppy disk treasure box tutorial ?
Well, I found this brazilian blog...
she used my pics, translated my words and posted my tutorial
as if it was hers, 
not giving me any credit for my work nor linking to my blog.
When you read people's comments
they congrat her for the nice work!
On the left side she has a box stating that she posts about things 
she finds on the net, and that's it!
I left a comment, which was not posted 
and I very much doubt it ever will.
It's a shame that people who call themselves craft lovers can do stuff like that.
I don't have a problem with sharing
(thus the name of my blog, helenismostoshare),
and my tutorials are exactly for sharing the things I create and make,
so other people can make it also 
(that's what tuts are for, right?),
but they are definitely not to be stolen!
Credits and proper links,
that's all that's about!

1 comment:

  1. Send her a comment telling her that she must remove all of your work (do this on each item that is yours) or give you credit with a link to Helenismos or you will be forced to take action.

    It will get her to quit doing it or her page can be removed from the internet. The other thing you can do is watermark your photos. At least then people cannot steal any more of them!