Sunday, September 26, 2010

Table runners & Autumn Flowers

I still have some trouble with my sleeping routines.
Shame on me, I know, because
I insist in  staying on the couch and not going to bed
(I blame it on the bedroom TV because of the bad image color).
The truth is it's just easier,
and then there is nobody to wake me up
with honey, let's go to bed...
Those of you who have been there
where I am now
know what I'm talking about.

I had some visitors yesterday
and they are the kind of nice people that makes the world a nicer place.
My thank you to them,
they who keep visiting me
just for the kindness of offering me some company.
If Katy is reading this
she'll know this about her. Loved the card and the words.

So... Yesterday was busy...
... but I did it!
I finished the big project I've been talking about!
Ta da da... (drums rolling),
here it is!
What do you think...?
I really love the visual effect.
And after debating myself, either to keep it
or sell it on my BearyNiceCrafts etsy shop,
I've decided to list it
and it is already there.

What else...?
I've told you yesterday
about my planned giveaway.
I've already started working on it
and very soon I'll give all the details.
I hope all my readers won't miss it
because I truly believe
you'll love it!
See you soon. 

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