Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall - time to get the hands dirty!

I've started a big project,
and I've been working on it since last Sunday.
To give you just a brief peek for a small taste...
... and a promise to show off when it's done!

Since a few months now
I had not been taking care of my gardens...
I think I was not even noticing the weeds taking over everything!
But a couple days ago I did start noticing it... and remembered
how proud J always felt about my gardens.
So... Since then I've been working outside a little bit everyday.
Even with all the neglect I still have some flowers.
I took some pics to share with you:
While I was trimming down my English ivy
something crawling trough the green
took my breath away for a moment!
Ah ah! Gotcha ya!
You thought it was a baby snake, didn't you?, so did I!
Well, look closer...

I had never seen one of those...
... just the regular tiny weeny brownish slugs...
... but it's kinda pretty, isn't it?
Another find on my lawn... I don't know why
but those little blue gnomes (Smurfs...?)
always come to my mind every time I find one of these:
After weeding & mulching
now the front garden looks nice.

A small taste of Fall on my garden.
After all, tough here we still have 90 degrees,
one my favourite times of the year starts tonight!

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