Saturday, September 11, 2010

My BearyNiceCrafts Etsy Shop

As off's official!
I've opened my BearyNiceCrafts Etsy store!

This idea had been in the oven for a long time now,
and it finally happened today.
I have been making things with my hands for such a long time
that it was time to open up a little bit my sales market.
 I've been successful selling some of my things locally,
and that's the main reason I think
will be successful too.
And this year I'm willing to expand
to local Crafts shows,
but it is still a matter in the making.
The items listed right now are some of my Lolita dolls,
but very soon I'll be listing much more items
(need time to take pics, write descriptions, and so on...).
Please do go and take a peek!

It almost seems now that time is on my side...
I have been busy dealing with everything that has to be dealt with
and amongst missing my husband so terribly
I still have to get myself together just in order to survive.
And I am getting there,
slowly but surely,
as J would have said.
I will see on my next post.


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