Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'M ALIVE!!!! (...the world didn't ended after all...)

When I woke up this morning   
and realized I was awake...
and that if I was awake was because I was alive...
and that if I was alive was because...
... then I got it!
The world didn't ended after all!!... 
(ah ah ah ... now,
I'm trying to be serious here!...)
That made me smile.
Even feel happy.
Even a little bit happier because
(despite that scary prediction)
I was in a very very special place yesterday.
Can you imagine where...?
I bet you can't... All right, I'll tell you.
I was...
... in Portugal!!!
That's correct,
I was in Portugal yesterday.
Ah ah ah... now you're thinking "how in the world..."
And you're right.
I really wasn't there
but again..
... I was!
Let me explain:
my son went to a family reunion at my sister's
and then called me on Skype
and I was with them all a good amount of time!
That was... fantastic!
It just felt so great,
to share a few live moments with everyone
and be able to cheer with them!
I love and miss them all very very much!
... so...
today I thought about sharing with them
(and you all as well)
a little bit of my world here.
And as I was saying when I started this post today...
... because the world didn't ended after all,
I think this is a good way to celebrate!
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
Just click The Smilebox and I'll take you there!
I'll see you all later!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two more Tunisian Crochet pretties!

This last week was a little busy
but I'm not complaining... busy is good.

So... this past week I went for Tunisian again.
No, no, no, not talking about food.
Talking about Tunisian crochet.
Made a whole new bag and finished another one
that had been laying alone in desperation 
awaiting to be finished for a couple of years at least.

See, I had crocheted the shell and had never finished it.
Now it's lined, magnetic closure in place,
and a beautiful trivet embellishment sewed on.
Love the colors on that one.
The next one was totally made past week,
from the Tunisian to the lining and embellishments.

Both of them came about really nice I think.
Wish you a wonderful Saturday, and I'll see you all later.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Live Christian Concert in the park

Yesterday evening
my sister-in-law asked me
if I would like to join them
in an event at Carter's Park.

The event was held by
and it was called Praise in the Park.

I had never been in a Christian concert before.
It was very nice,
but above all
I really enjoyed the fact
the Church would promote a community event, open to everyone,
in a chilly but very nice end of evening.
Duly advised by my sister-in-law,
I braved the nippy evening air wrapped on a blanket,
as a huge majority of the spectators did
(teenagers not included,
thus there was a promenade of shorts,
T-shirts and bare feet
just walking around).
Yeah, I do remember when I was able to do that to...
I'll see you all later.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tunisian on the round

Since I discovered Tunisian crochet,
aka afghan stitch,
I fell in love with it.
Tunisian finished product 
is a sturdy woven type of fabric,
very suitable for many of my projects.
But my latest discovery on Tunisian
is the Tunisian on the round.
It is surprisingly easy!
I've found this really good tutorial
to learn how to make Tunisian on the round.
I wanted to try it at once
and made these bracelets in about an hour.

The green one was suppose to be a collar for Baby, my cat.
But that was a bad idea,
just like all the other store bought collars she has!
The scratches on my arms are proof to that!
You wear them!, 
that's what she seems to tell me.
So... I decided to offer it to my brown bear
who holds my TV remote
and wears it proudly,
without a single complaint!
So there you have it, miss Baby, spoiled brat!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Penny Rugs and Candle Mats

A couple days ago
I told you about
penny rugs
and showed you the ones
  I had made.
I've also told you about I enthusiastic I was about these penny rugs.
So... I've made a couple more
this time specifically to be used as candle mats.
The first one is simply made out of small felt circles.
Each complete circle made out of 3 different sizes circles
stitched together using a blanket stitch
and attached together by slip stitches in a hexagon shape.
Each circle has a same color backing
which allows
a perfect and clean finishing.

I really like the effect and think it works perfectly as a candle mat.
The second one also is a candle mat
and I REALLY like it!
I've designed an octagon on a red felt piece and made only eight complete circles plus one for the center.
The red, green and brown gold make it perfect for Christmas time
or not!
Haha, I like it so much I can use it everyday!
The backing... to clean finish the work...
... and then just glued down some crystals...

I do love how it came out about, don't you?
I'll see you all later!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Festival

For the first time this year I heard about the
Spring Festival
of Strawberry Plains.
So I researched a little bit
and learned it's organized by the
Somewhat naive, it was nice tough to see the effort put on to it.
In my mind I thought I would encounter something more like a farmer's market, but I was wrong.
Some craft vendors, some food boots, and a tepee along with a couple of Native American craft boots

belonging to the local Native American descendants.
The parade included the Indians

the Scottish,

which I presume would be
the most representative ethnic group here in East Tennessee...?,
or at least meaning most of the East Tennesseans are
Scottish descendants...?
but the Indians and the Scottish
were indeed the only ethnic groups represented.
Also a few old rods,

some old time John Deere tractors,
and a few horseback riders.
It was a lovely blue skies day
and it kinda felt goog being outside around people.