Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Christmas Morning

This Christmas morning
I got up at five,
just like every other morning,
fixed my coffee pot, fed the cat, checked my email.
Just like every other morning.
This Christmas morning
when I opened up my eyes,
just like every other morning,
I realized "I'm alive!".
This Christmas morning,
like every other morning,
when I stood up, feet finally firmed up on the carpet, 
a wet velvety small tongue licked my toes and
like every other morning
I smiled, because I knew my cat was alive and well.
This Christmas morning 
I try to stop this feeling crushing my chest
and the tears from rolling down my face,
just like every other morning.
And just like every other morning
I hear your calling "where you at, crazy woman?',
you kiss me good morning and I greet you "I love you",
on this Christmas morning.
Merry Christmas my darling!