Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's finally here!... and a print cloth doll... and some pincushions for a wall hanging

It's finally here!!!
Isn't that amazing?... Spring renovation...
It kinda feeds your soul and makes you smile!

I was out today, pruning and cleaning,
anxious to get everything nice and clean...

A couple days ago I got my new HP printer
(all the other printers were malfunctioning).
I got it from and so far I'm pretty satisfied with it,
it's a three in one (printer, scanner and copier).
Of course, since I got it, I've been surfing the net a lot more
to find ideas and projects,
now that I can print without a problem.
And, among so many others wonderful sites & ideas,
I've found a cute little doll here.
I enjoyed it so much I couldn't resist and made one!

It's really cute, isn't it?
It's a printed cloth doll made with a computer!
I think now I'm willing to try to create my own print fabric...
Thanks for sharing Timothy, from Fantastic Toys Blog, I love it!
For a while now
I've been wanting to make some fabric pincushions,
not for that purpose but to make a wall hanging like the one I made with the tiny weeny pillows.
Got inspired here and there
and so far I've come up with these:


I'll come back to it as soon as it's done and finished.

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