Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not quite Spring time yet, but some T-Shirt Yarn and fabric bowls and a fabric facial tissue pocket

I think I'm ready for Spring now...

(Ah!Ah!... tricked you!
Sun flower's from last year!)
My Easter flowers think so too,
that they're ready for Spring time.
But the willows say they aren't ready yet.
Oh well... how many more months of Winter...?

Lately it has been really busy around here.
Mainly concerning J.
With his care, medical appointments, the wound care...
it has been a all day long routine.

But I always have to make time for a little crafting...
So, today I'm going to tell you about my T-Shirt yarn.
Remember the post where I told you about trapilho,
and the craft magazines about trapilho my sister sent me from Portugal?
Well, here in the States I can't find trapilho anywhere.
The closest thing I can think of is the T-Shirt yarn
(the tape yarn I got from it's definitely not trapilho).
I've finally decided I had to try to make some.
I found a wonderful blog here,
where Lettie shares with us all a bunch of her tutorials,
and believe me, she has some great stuff there
(thank you for sharing Lettie!).
As you can see by her tutorial,
it's a totally new and easier way (at least for me) of making T-Shirt yarn.
So, I got a few T-Shirts from my closet
(I really wasn't wearing them anymore, honest... ),
and my rotary cut, and... here we go!
This is the before:
and this is the after:
I got 6 balls of yarn (each ball = one T-Shirt).
The T-Shirts without the side seams are the best,
but I've used also the one with seams.
I already started a project but it's not finished yet,
so I am going to wait till I'm finished to tell you about it.

Lettie's blog has so many wonderful ideas,
I couldn't resist to try another of her projects.
This is the final product, a fabric facial tissue pocket:
Pretty cool, isn't it?

Another thing I've made during these last days, more fabric raggedy bowls:

I always have lots of uses for my bowls... :0)
If you would remember,
this post is where I first told you about this fabric bowls/baskets.
Also I've been working on a quilted pillow...
but I'll tell you later about that!

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