Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fleece blankets and belated Xmas gifts

I've finished some fleece blankets for the girls
(maybe as belated Xmas gifts).
Three of them are the classical tied knots I usually make:
I used two fleece fabrics, a printed one and one coordinated solid color.
These are always a huge hit,
they come out pretty good and everybody seems to love them.

And I made another one, with fleece also, but with the raggedy blanket technique:
cut 30 7" squares each color (60 total)
Sew them together
and then in rows of 6
and then the rows together till the desired length.
After all the rows are sewn, machine stitch all around the blanket.
And then just slit all the seams to make like a fringe.
And that's it!
The finished blanket will look like this:

I've made some bags to fill with the blankets and some other stuff:

For the bags,
I've used flannel and ironed on some applique Christmassy motifs.
I think they came out pretty.

I know I'm not really in the mood anymore
(spending Xmas in the hospital alone with J was even more sad than usually),
but I'm trying to be okay with everything
and not to think much about stuff like this.
Sewing and crafting do help me to keep a fresh and stress free mind
as much as possible.

I kept the Christmas tree and everything Christmas up till now
(so we could enjoy it for a little bit)
but I think this weekend it's time to take everything down.

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