Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lolita tutorial posted by TotallyTutorials, a couple of softies and some snow

My Lolita tutorial was posted yesterday by TotallyTutorials,
a great blog for craft freebies!
You can find it here.
Dotty does a wonderful job posting all these free tutorials.
Thank you Dotty!
And by the way,
I've finished two more Lolitas in the last couple of days.
I've also made a couple of softies
one a cat like...,
and the other a robot like...
And I reckon it's about it.
This week was really busy.
J had to go back to the wound center
(follow up on the surgery wound).
It's healing well, but still is a very large wound.
I am still in a kind of shock how could this have happened...
I mean, the whole thing... I should have never authorized this surgery!
Of course now I can't cry over spilled milk, so... it's one more thing for me to endure, that's for sure.
We had some snow last Wednesday, not too much but still a little bit.
This is how it looked.
Luckily, it happened the day after J went to the wound center.
I'm thinking about putting another ramp at the front of the house,
'cause with this winter weather the ambulance can't drive to the back,
where the ramp is (look at the picture above).
It was an adventure to get him in the ambulance this time.
They decided to bring him out trough the ramp and then
just push him trough the yard.
But everything went well, thank goodness.Till next time.
And this is it for this post too.

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