Sunday, November 21, 2010

Santas... and Dolls... and Xmas boots also.

As promised on my last post,
I'm going to show you all
what I had been working on during this past week.
Finished a small Santa wall hanging,
felted and applique on a small quilt.
Used some embellishments
and hand stitched the felted applique to the quilt.

Another finished project,
Candy Cane Holder.
The friend I went with to the church bazaar a few weeks back
had some bigger ones, made out of fleece.
She was very nice and offered me one.
So, I designed a smaller one out of felt,
and embroidered some embellishments.
It came out a little too small for the regular candy canes,
 but will hold the smaller size, or maybe just some candy.
As you can see, inside there's a small glass jar.
On hers, because it's bigger, my friend used a big size plastic cup.

And for last but not least,
a doll mom & babies.
Some time ago
I had bought some pre stuffed dolls at a very good price
from the website I usually buy my sewing supplies from.
I bought the dolls because they come in three different sizes,
perfect for families or doll's dolls.
As you can see from the picture collage,
 they come without hair or clothes.
Well... someone
(shh!'s a secret!)
is having a birthday really soon.
... I finished them up, a mom and two babies.
 I'm sure someone is going to like them too!

And for crafting that was it for this past week.

Now I would like to show off
my kitten
that is not so kitten anymore...
Baby, also aka Pooh Bear or just Poo-Poo,
has been doing great and growing up very quickly.
She's is my buddy
and I have to confess
tough she is a little rascal,
I love her to death.
Lately she just enjoys to sit on my desk
and watch the computer
(as a matter of fact she is here right now
while I'm typing
and since in a while she gives it a try too...).

And that's it for today's post,
I'll see you all soon.

And just one last word/thought
for J:

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