Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hexagon table center

After Washington DC
have been fighting a nasty cold
and some tooth aches... taking antibiotic right now
and late next week will be a dentist appointment...ugh!

Today's post is about more hexagons
(I'm definitely in love with hexies!).
I've just finished a Christmassy table center,
and I like the primitive look of it.
The colors and the homespun fabric
kinda did give it the appearance I was looking for.
I'm keeping this one for myself
but I will soon have one for sale.
Also I've been experimenting some projects with empty jars
(I simply can't trow out a glass jar!),

and I made this kinda of Christmas landscape.
I think soon I'll write a whole post just about empty glass jars...

And for last but not least,
I would like to share with you all
a beautiful sunset yesterday...

... and I even caught "something" shooting up in the
...oh well!, it sure was pretty!
I'll see you all soon!

1 comment:

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